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Cheap Mobile Calls

Easychoice are happy to be able to offer the best low cost calls available in Spain, this service will change the way you make calls, forever!

  1. Megamobile is a small microchip on a thin sticker that simply goes onto your sim card and then re routs your international calls automatically through the low cost provider.
  2. With Megamobile you can call phones in the UK from just 2.5 cents/min.
  3. Savings are available on ALL your international calls, to any country, not limited to the UK.

Once Megamobile is in your phone, all you need to do is top up on a pay-as-you-go basis and this covers all your international calls.

  1. No long codes to dial
  2. No change to your current phone provider
  3. Just use your phone normally, and save money

Your megamobile card is 20 € - this includes 10 € call credit