Find Miraflores

Find Miraflores

Ctra. Cadiz, Km 199
29649, Mijas Costa
Tel: (+34) 637173469

As you are leaving Malaga airport you will come to a large roundabout, go straight through and on your right you will see the san miguel factory, stay in the right hand lane as you pass the san miguel factory and this road will take you round to join the torremolinos / cadiz road.

Now you are on a 3 lane road, after about 2 km you will see IKEA on your left then you should look out for the BMW, Subaru, Porsche and other car sales garages on the right and take this exit number 229 following the sign below, do not continue on under the bridge into Torremolinos:-

If you now stay on this motorway road past Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Mijas, until you get to the junction number 214 for Fuengirola / Algeciras. Both signs will be the same, take the right hand lane and the white sign, do not take the blue sign on the left as this take you up to the toll road.

You will now be heading through Fuengirola then past the castle at the end of Fuengirola, El Faro Faro lighthouse and then onto La Cala de Mijas which is about 2 kms from Miraflores.

Once you pass the BP petrol station on your left get into the right hand lane and start to reduce your speed, as you go round the bend to the right at km number 199 you will see a large Miraflores road sign just after the bus stop.

Turn into Miraflores!

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